Fixed Window

Fixed windows can enhance a house by allowing natural lighting into the rooms where operable sashes are not practical or possible.

Please discuss with us about fixed window options to suit your application. Various custom designs can be produced using our 50mm, 76mm, and 92mm frames.



  • Maximum Sash Height: 1550mm
  • Maximum Sash Width: 1210mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness: 18mm
  • Maximum Sash Weight: 40kg
  • Maximum Sash Area: 1.4m2

* subject to site conditions


  • Choice of a semi-commercial 60mm sash.
  • Choice of a 50mm, 76mm or 92mm perimeter frame.
  • Awning frame creates all fixed frame and interacts with couplers.


The typical standard configurations are shown below. Please enquire about possible custom options to suit your requirements.

Awning window options