Sliding window

The Carinya Classic Sliding Window is a unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category.

A bold modern look, beautifully balanced, with immaculate lines and the subtlest of smooth edges, immediately says Carinya is no ordinary window. Every aspect of Carinya has been thoroughly thought-out to create the ultimate s liding window, but at an affordable price.Carinya’s commercial pedigree means the strength; finish and function associated with more expensive commercial windows are embedded in what has instantly become a modern classic in the residential window market.

Most importantly, and unlike many other residential window products, Carinya features a full range of glazing options. Glass thickness ranges from 4mm right through to very high performance 10.5mm, with its superior thermal and acoustic properties.

Carinya is further differentiated from many standard window brands by the fact that no unsightly add-ons are required for the heavier gauge glass options which are increasingly popular because of their superior environmental performance.

The timeless style of the Carinya sliding window is complemented by superb engineering – the effortless gliding motion makes the window a joy to operate.


  • Maximum Sash Height: 1500mm
  • Maximum Sash Width: 1200mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness:10.5mm
  • Maximum Sash Weight: 40kg


  • A range of sill options are available for applications requiring increased weather performance.
  • A range of mullions and transoms complete with end caps for a quality finish.
  • Choice of a 50mm, 76mm or 92mm perimeter frame.
  • A ventlock that allows the window to be secured in a partially opened position to allow ventilation whilst still being secure.


The typical standard configurations are shown below. Please enquire about possible custom options to suit your requirements.

Sliding window options